Health & Safety

At Nexrock Design Build, we strive to provide healthy and safe work environments for our stakeholders, especially employees, contractors, and other visitors to our workplaces. Nexrock has received the Accident Prevention Zero Frequency Award numerous times throughout our company’s history, an accolade demonstrating the effectiveness of the means by which we go about handling H&S, and the importance of Health and Safety within our company.

To fulfill this obligation, we have set standards for health and safety (“H&S”) based on the following principles:

  • ongoing H&S of people and the environment are important to the success of our business;
  • our H&S Program ensures that workplace incidents and their severity are controlled;
  • our management, employees and contractors must be pro-active to ensure H&S
  • H&S are cost effective and motivational.

Implementing and maintaining our H&S program ensures:

  • establishment of workplace standards that meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and of regulations that pertain to our workplaces;
  • monitoring and compliance with established and legislated safe operating procedures, through workplace inspections and follow-up of unsafe conditions or work practices;
  • control of loss through investigation and analysis of workplace incidents, and the implementation of corrective measures to prevent recurrence;
  • evaluation of supervisors and contractors for their ability to ensure that H&S standards are maintained in accordance with site policies and/or legislative requirements;
  • disciplinary measures necessary to reinforce our policy with contractors who willfully disregard H&S requirements.